Drivers – We provide uniformed professional drivers who are matured, experienced and have completed the best available driving and safety training and has valid commercial driver’s license to drive in Nigeria.  We ensure at all times that our drivers are safety conscious, stable and committed to their jobs.

Vehicles – Our vehicles are top notch, well maintained, cleaned, never overloaded and sanitized daily for every fresh trip. Our vehicles have inbuilt tracking systems and speed limit caution to ensure that the drivers abide by our speed limit standards.

Safety – Our vehicles are inspected thoroughly before and after each trip. Our interest is to maintain one of Nigeria’s best safety records. In addition to inspections by the VIO office and Federal Road Safety Commission to which all motor vehicles companies are subjected, our company is constantly being evaluated by an independent Motor Vehicle Maintenance Company.

Group Cynergy – Famous Motors is part of a larger group of companies and enjoys the benefit of the entire group.  The group has a well-motivated staff structure and experienced personnel that ensure that the strategic plan of the company is focused.

Customer Focus – At all times our focus and interest is to serve the customer and to ensure that the customer is satisfied at all times.  Our customers have direct access to our whole group hierarchy in case of complaints or to raise a suggestion.

Terminal Centres – We have terminals in each major town of our operation.  All our terminals are well maintained for the comfort of the passengers.